ECB supports BCCI getting 38.5% of ICC earnings in proposed model

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ECB chief executive officer Richard Gould has supported India getting 38.5 per cent of earnings under ICC’s proposed financial model. The BCCI is set to earn USD 230 million per year from 2024 to 2027 under the new proposed financial model, 38.5 per cent of the USD 600 million earnings.

ECB is expected to get USD 41.33 million, while Cricket Australia will earn USD 37.53 million and PCB USD 34.51 million (5.75 per cent).

The remaining will go to 9 other full members.

The proposal is still to be ratified by ICC.

In total, USD 532.84 million (88.81 per cent) will be distributed among 12 full time members and the remaining USD 67.16 million (11.19 per cent) will go to the associate members.

While the proposed model has attracted criticism from associate nations, ECB’s Gould has defended the decision.

“When you see where that value is created, I think it’s understandable,” Gould said on the latest episode of The Final Word podcast.

“There may be tweaks in the margins here or there, but the dominant position India is in is based on India’s ability to drive revenues and drive the sport forward. One point four billion people, one sport, ten (IPL) teams, one international team.” “What I’m also fascinated by is India’s determination also to assist the world game. You look at the percentages and go ‘Well, that’s not fair it should be split equally’. But we’ve got to look at the size of the market.

“India play as many international fixtures as any other team in the world. And they do that because they know when they tour as an international team, they bring interest and revenue to that home side. I think it’s important to see things in the round, in that regard,” he added.

While acknowledging the inequality in the distribution, Gould said we need to look at the nigger picture.

“I get it (the financial inequality). But I also understand how important India is, because without them we wouldn’t have the kind of revenues that are coming into the game,” he said.

“And I do think India make huge efforts to be responsible partners in this when I see the amount they travel around the world, taking India everywhere. I do think it is a balance.

“I think there is collective decision-making, both in India and within the ICC, and I think there is a real determination and understanding we need (for) cricket to be expanding and we need it to be healthy around the world.”

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