'Well, it's just the nature of the beast in 2024' - Michael Vaughan defends Jos Buttler's contentious remark related to IPL

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Following the departure of several English players from the IPL 2024 to prepare for the T20 World Cup 2024 and participate in the T20I series against Pakistan at home, English skipper, Jos Buttler, made a statement suggesting that no international fixtures should be scheduled during the IPL. This statement elicited polarized reactions, sparking considerable debate among experts.

Former skipper of Pakistan, Mohammad Hafeez, while appearing on the Club Prairie Fire podcast with co-hosts, Michael Vaughan and Adam Gilchrist, raised the same question to the English and Australian greats. Hafeez seemed quite perturbed and startled by Buttler's stance, and seemed quite curious on their perspective. 

"It really shocked me, the statement coming from Jos Buttler. Coming out of the IPL season and representing England as the team's captain, he gave a statement that there shouldn't be any international cricket clashing with the IPL," shared a bewildered Hafeez.

Surprisingly, Vaughan concurred with Buttler's statements, justifying them by emphasizing the substantial growth of the IPL as a brand, with numerous stakeholders benefiting, including the players, suggesting that such initiatives would inevitably yield significant returns, and that there might be quite an authentic possibility of Buttler's thoughts transforming to an actuality. 

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Strong from @MHafeez22 but I don’t agree .. I totally understand players wanting the IPL window free of internationals .. https://t.co/m7cV0dKF1p

— Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) June 22, 2024

In response, Hafeez questioned why the IPL receives preferential treatment over other franchise leagues. Vaughan acknowledged the validity of this query, noting that IPL players are generously rewarded, which he believed justified such practices.

"Why do you think only the IPL should get that thing?," asked Hafeez. "Well, its a good question. But I just think it's because the players get so well-rewarded for going there," stated Vaughan.

Hafeez further questioned whether sacrificing national pride for financial gain was justified. Vaughan remarked that pursuing money and increasing revenue has become ingrained due to modernization. He refrained from making a moral judgment but highlighted the IPL's formidable influence, suggesting that even international boards struggle to compete with it. Vaughan suggested that boards should permit players to participate in both the IPL and other leagues like the PSL, and that would be the safest manner for them to ensure the overall wellbeing and satisfaction of their players.

"Should the national pride go away on the basis of you earning a few more bucks?," questioned Hafeez.

"Well, it's just the nature of the beast in 2024 - the modern ways, the modern thinking. Whether it's absolutely right is a good question, but I just think that the IPL is such a big juggernaut now that it's very-very hard for the international boards to compete with it. So, the safest way is to allow your players to go and play in it," replied Vaughan.

Additionally, Vaughan expressed concerns about the impact on county schedules during April and May when many players would be involved in domestic franchise leagues, like the IPL and the PSL. He emphasized that this would detrimentally affect the essence of the domestic game. 

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